Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use
The OfficeShield Solution In Action: A Case Study

An Eye-Opening Experience
My employees have always been my greatest business asset and that is no different today. We installed OfficeShield simply as a precaution to protect the business from employees that might install unregistered or stolen copies of software. What we learned became a real eye-opener for us. We found employees spending a significant amount of time conducting these personal activities with company resources, on company time:

  • Reading and writing personal e-mails.
  • Spending a significant amount of time with personal online shopping, including, local malls and shops, and E-bay.
  • Online banking, stock trading, and other personal financial activities.
  • Participating in instant message chat conversations with friends and family members.
  • Downloading music and movies to their portable drives.
  • Participating in P2P file sharing with non-copyrighted materials.
  • Installing unauthorized software on company computers, of which many also installed computer viruses on the company network.
  • E-mailing confidential company files to personal e-mail accounts and non-business related e-mail addresses not related to the operation of the company.

Our unknown security risk was my biggest concern, which resulted in an immediate corrective action plan to safeguard the proprietary information of the company. We also took immediate action to protect the company from illegal software, movies, music, and any non-copyrighted materials from being downloaded or used.

Then I had accounting add up the number of employees, their total salaries, and the amount of company time and resources that were being used for personal use, it added up to thousands of dollars a day.

Since then, OfficeShield has helped make my company more productive, efficient, and profitable by clearly defining what can be done on a company computer during working hours. My employees are still my greatest asset, and OfficeShield helps me keep things that way.

-J. Klinger, Boston MA