Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use

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Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use

Block and Filter Employee Internet Access
OfficeShield Improves Employee Efficiency by Blocking and Filtering Content from Unauthorized Web Access

Employee Monitoring Software
OfficeShield Improves Employee Efficiency by Monitoring Employees

Restrict or Limit Employees Chat
OfficeShield Improves Employee Efficiency by Blocking Internet Chat

Protect Company Resources
OfficeSheild Protects Your Computer Resources from Additional Expenses

Management Reporting
The reporting feature, included with OfficeShield, provides you with simple, customizable reports that can be run daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as you like.

Easy Software Installation
One of the greatest features of our software is our "Set It and Forget It" installation process. OfficeShield comes preloaded with the most popular features installed as a default.

About Us
Our experience and expertise in the development of access control software started with KidsWatch Parental Control Software. Since 2002, KidsWatch has been a leader in this industry and now provides parents around the world peace of mind when their children surf the Internet.

Executive Summary
We have created OfficeShield to be the most comprehensive employer protection from unauthorized employee computer and internet use available on the market today.

An Eye-Opening Experience! My employees have always been my greatest business asset and that is no different today. We installed OfficeShield simply as a precaution to protect the business from employees that might install unregistered or stolen copies of software. What we learned became a real eye-opener for us.

Demo Download
Our Download Version of OfficeShield is Currently in Beta

OfficeShield is still in Beta right now, but once it becomes available for sale it will be an annual subscription based service. OfficeShield is licensed via an annual subscription based on the number of workstations that it will be installed on.

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While OfficeShield is in Beta, we will be sharing content, suggestions, experiences, updates, and known bug issues with all the companies that participate in our free beta test program.

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