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The OfficeShield Solution
Online chat is one of those features. Start up your browser
and your employees can do more than just search for business
related websites. They can customize their browsers to
integrate chat, read personal email, and a ton of other
features to create a unique browser customized just for them.

OfficeShield gives you the power to monitor, manage, and restrict, as you see necessary, as many of these features you discover are stealing valuable employee time away for your business.

Do You Think Online Chatting is Just for Kids?
There are just over 300 million people living in the United States. Every day, 10 million people go to, which is America Online's (AOL) Instant Messenger service. It would only take a month for just this one chat website to match the population of USA.

However, not all Americans go to AOL to chat, so the people that do go there, go there a lot, if not every day. AOL Instant Messenger may be America's largest chat society, but people that use Microsoft Internet Explorer have access to MSN Web Messenger, people that use Yahoo, have Yahoo Chat, People that use Google have Google Talk, and there is always the IRC, Internet Relay Chat, which started the whole chat phenomenon.

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Employee Chat

Employee Chat Software

How is work going today?

Itís busy but Iím not in the mood for work today.

Is that because itís Monday?

Yeah, I hate Mondayís. We have to do a whole of bunch reports and get ready for the Tuesday meetings. But if they are not finished in time, we just have the meetings on Wednesday.

Iím busy too, I have to help do some data entry when I get done with my morning stuff.

Yuck. There is nothing I hate more than data entry.

Me too.

What movie should we get for tonight?

I was looking online and the latest Batman movie looked pretty good. It got good reviews.

I saw that one already, but I would see it again if you really want to see it.

My Boss just passed by, but he didnít stop in.

I have my own office so no one knowns what I am doing when the door is closed. I canít chat all day, but I can chat a lot more than before.

Great! That sounds like a date!

Yeah, another date. Itís been so long since Iíve been booked up two night in a row.

Really? How long?

At least a week. Ha ha

LOL, youíre so funny, I like that about you.

Well, I should be getting back to work, I have a lot to do.

So soon? How about just ten minutes longer? Please? Pretty please?

Okay, just ten more minutes. I really do have a lot of work to do.

When do you think your boss will check on you again?

He doesnít really check in with me like you think. He might come in again, but probably not until the end of the day. How long can you keep your office closed?

I usually dontít go more than 20 minutes or so. Then I walk around a bit and pass some papers around to peopleís in boxes so I look busy.

Donít you have to work to generate papers to pass around?

Sure, but I save them in a pile just for special occasions like when Iím catting with you!

Yes, chatting can be addictive, but I do have my priorities straight.

Me too. I think Iím going to go for now and do something. Letís meet back here in a hour.

Okay, bye.


Actual Employee Chat Captured and Submitted by an OfficeShield User

Anyone Can Chat Online
Chatting at work is as easy as opening a browser window. The sound on the computer can be muted, and if the window is minimized, no one can see the chat window being used. It is so easy to set up, you can be setup and chatting in under three minutes.

  • Chatting online is a common and as popular as a cell phone. Chatting over a cell phone is called texting.
  • Texting is abbreviated chatting practice from online chatting, where chatters have the comfort of a full sized keyboard.

Block Employee Chatting

Monitor Employee Chat
Monitoring Employee Chat