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OfficeShield's employee monitoring software includes a reporting function that allows you to run complete reports on employee Internet use. You may choose to run these employee tracking reports daily, weekly, or monthly, at any time that is convenient for you. You can choose to have the employee tracking reports emailed to you, or you can see them as soon as they are run.

OfficeShield gives you peace of mind. It is the top web filter for monitoring employee Internet usage. Using OfficeShield employee tracking software has many benefits. Try the free employee monitoring software download today and see how your employees are spending their computer time. Using the data in the reports gathered, you can then work with your employees to increase their productivity and your profit margin.

Increases Employee Productivity

Let's say your office has 20 employees who work on a computer eight hours per day and each of those employees earns $15 per hour, taking into account both salary and benefits. Now let's say each employee spends 90 minutes of time throughout the day using the Internet for personal use. Did you realize that each employee is wasting 438 hours per year at a cost to your company of $6,570 per year? That adds up to over $130,000 a year lost.

Lack of employee productivity is the number one reason for profit loss inside a company. By using OfficeShield to track employee computer usage, you can increase your profits. Take control of your employees and make sure they are actually working when they are being paid to work.

  • Monitoring employee work habits increases productivity by as much as 80%.

Protect Your Assets and Secure Confidential Company Files

In addition to increasing employee performance, OfficeShield is capable of monitoring employee email. Employees have been known to both knowingly and unknowingly let company information slip out in an email. You can now find out if an employee computer leaked information such as code and programs your company runs, trade secrets, customer contacts, personal information, strategies, or any other information you want kept confidential. Often, employees innocently leak this type of information without even realizing.

Keep Track of the Number of Hours Your Employees Work

OfficeShield allows you to keep track of how often your employees log on and off their computers. Are your employees working or are they taking breaks and wandering around the office? Even when working offline with no need for Internet monitoring, OfficeShield can still be a valuable employee performance tool. OfficeShield has the ability to note and report when an employee logs in or out of his workstation, even if there is no Internet usage.

  • According to a recent survey performed by employers and businesses, when allowed to answer anonymously, over 30% of employees answered that it is allowable to surf non-work-related Internet sites for at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Employees can spend as much as 25% of their work day using company computers for personal use.

Protect Your Company from Lawsuits

Your company could be subject to lawsuits from a variety of different sources. With OfficeShield employee tracking software you can protect your company. Employees who search out or view pornographic sites can violate many different state and federal laws. By monitoring employee computer use, you can rest assured that no pornography is being viewed on company time or company computers. The OfficeShield Internet monitoring and web filter software ensures that no sites you don't approve in advance can be viewed.

  • Over 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs at work between the hours of 9-5, according to a report done by Sex Tracker.
Employee Monitoring
OfficeShield can also protect your company from sexual harassment lawsuits. The employee reports give you access to each email that is sent and received from an employee's computer.
In addition, OfficeShield is able to not only monitor sites visited, but can also detect when employees use a chat or IM function, or when they access a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace. OfficeShield also reports launched applications and the duration of time spent on an Internet site, as well as the frequency of the visits. OfficeShield is capable of filtering and reporting by keyword, phrases, or specific categories.

OfficeShield operates in stealth mode, meaning it cannot be detected by the built-in task manager that Windows comes equipped with, nor can it be detected by anti-spyware applications or programs. This is beneficial for two reasons:

1. You can monitor your employee Internet usage without knowledge it is being done.
2. If you do inform your employees, they have no way to discern how they are being monitored.

Test Your Employee Usage of Company Resources

Download the OfficeShield free trial today and see for yourself how monitoring employee computer and Internet usage can save you both time and money. With just one day of use and one day of reports, you will be able to obtain an idea of how your employees are spending their time.