Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use
OfficeShield Executive Summary

"OfficeShield paid for
itself after the very first
day we installed it."

-J. Hampleman, TX

OfficeShield Sets the Standard for Employee Monitoring Software
We have created OfficeShield to be the most comprehensive employer protection from unauthorized employee computer and Internet use available on the market today. Improved security is only half of the OfficeShield benefit. When your employees are not using company time and resources for personal use, you will automatically see greater employee efficiency.

Summary of OfficeShield Features

  • Analyze Internet and Computer Resource Abuse.
  • Block Unauthorized Access to Websites.
  • Block Unauthorized Access to Personal Chat Sessions.
  • Block or Limit Access to Personal E-Mail.
  • Block access to Secure Sites (SSL).
  • Block or Limit Online Shopping Sites.
  • Block File Transfers.
  • Block Telnet, SSH or Direct Access to Remote Servers.
  • Prevent Illegal Software, Movie, and Music File Downloads.
  • Protect Your Company from Copyright Violations from Illegally Installed Software.
  • Reduce Computer Maintenance and Repair Costs.
  • Reduce Exposure to Freeware, Viruses, Adware, Malware and More.
  • Monitor Company Files that could be E-Mailed or Copied from your Computers.
  • Easy to Install and Designed for Ease of Day to Day Operation.

Download the OfficeShield Free 15 Day Trial
OfficeShield is now available for free for 15 days. You can download the demo on the Demo Download Page. You will get to experience the next generation in employee time management.