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One of the largest costs for companies, both in terms of money spent and time wasted, is the cost of business employees using their work station computers to surf the Internet. Millions of dollars are lost yearly as employees spend their time visiting various websites for personal use. These dollars are lost not only as employees are paid by their place of business as they visit websites unrelated to company business, but are also lost as often employers have to spend both money and time repairing computers and servers that have become infected with trojans, viruses, or other malicious software.

As a boss, you simply do not have the time to stand over each employee, observing their Internet usage. That is why in today's global economy, which relies on computer technology, each business needs to have employee monitoring software. OfficeShield is the premier leader in such programs.
Activity Monitoring
Research has shown that the average employee spends at least two hours a day, while at work, on personal Internet use. This employee web usage costs a company at least 25 percent in lost wages. Employee Internet usage is generally on such sites as shopping sites, personal email sites, chat sites, even porn sites and instant messaging sites. Along the way they are putting your equipment, programs, even your financial information at risk from outside sources.

Consider this fact: In January of 2004, an email worm infected over two million computers in only one day. This included business computers. Time and money were lost as IT professionals had to shut down and clean infected computers. While your company more than likely runs a good anti-virus program, it must be remembered that new worm and virus codes are written on an hourly basis. No anti-virus program, no matter how good, can keep up with that statistic. That's why your business needs employee monitoring software that not only lets you know what sites your employees are visiting, it can also block access to non-business approved sites.

Software that is designed to monitor employee activity while on-line not only increases employee work productivity by blocking access to Internet sites, it also enables employees to stay on task and eliminates security threats. With a good monitoring program such as OfficeShield, you and your company can:

1. Filter the Internet and allow employees access to only the websites you want or need them to visit. You and your business can choose from a wide variety of privacy settings.

2. Block spy-ware, identity theft, and other malicious code before it is downloaded by an employee to your business computers.

3. Block or provide limited access to personal email and to instant messaging.

4. Stop employees from downloading music files, video files, and other unlicensed or unauthorized files.

5. Ensure that no unauthorized company files are copied or emailed by your employees.

6. Eliminate file transfers between employees and between business computers.

7. Protect your company computers from exposure to mal-ware, ad-ware, and other threats.

In addition, OfficeShield monitoring software keeps working even when your employees disconnect their business computers from your network. It also provides you with complete computer reports on all employee activity, including:

  • Allowing you and your company to view all chat dialogue held by employees
  • Allowing you to view a comprehensive list of all Internet sites visited by employees
  • Allowing you to see exactly what programs were used by employees
  • Allowing you to see each time an employee logged off or on his computer
  • Allows you to view how much salary is wasted per employee on personal Internet usage

If your business is not currently monitoring employees and their Internet usage, then you need to start today. The Federal Trade Commission reported that businesses lost a combined amount of over $48 billion dollars last year from identity theft. The majority of these losses came from computer scammers and hackers that found a way into business computers, via employee web usage.

Let OfficeShield help your company protect its assets. Our software allows you to tailor and customize our monitoring software to fit the needs of you and your business. Our monitoring software is easy to install and allows you to adjust your Internet settings both individually by employee or by a specific department located within your business.

Monitoring employees is fast and simple with OfficeShield employee monitoring system. Improve the security of your company and improve your employee productivity. You'll find that OfficeShield pays for itself after just one day of use.