Comprehensive Employer Protection from Unauthorized Employee Computer and Internet Use
Designed for Ease of Installation and Day to Day Use

"Our company hasn't any
computer down time since
we installed OfficeShield."

-M. Neil, OH

"I just love the
"Set It and Forget It"
functionality of

can't tell me
their downloads
didn't contribute
repair hours we
invested due to
faulty spyware and
virus installations."

-Jane, B
IT Director
OfficeShield Improves Your Company Efficiency
One of the greatest features of our software is our "Set It and Forget It" installation process. OfficeShield comes preloaded with the most popular features installed as a default. Once you test and tweak the software with your own priorities, Officeshield starts working for you right away in stealth mode. As our software proves itself, you will quickly become accustomed to having to OfficeShield as part of your business workweek.

Like the operation of the software itself, OfficeShield allows you the freedom of many installation and monitoring choices:

  • Central Management: Manage all restrictions and filter settings from one central control panel.
  • Remote installation: Schedule the installation of all work stations with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Workgroup and Domain Support: Single sign-on while tracking your employee’s as they hop from workstation to workstation.

Free Technical Support
In the unlikely event you, or your IT department has installation questions, free Technical Support is available. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can also help show you all the capabilities of the software.