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According to a recent survey, over 30% of employees admitted to spending at least two hours of their work time on non-work related Internet usage. If you have ten employees, three of them admit to abusing employee Internet use. In actuality, about 60% of employees abuse the Internet.

Why should you as an employer worry about employee Internet usage?

Besides costing you time and money, employee web usage for non-work related activity can open your network to viruses and worms. These are costly to eradicate and can cost additional lost time. Using an employee monitoring software program, such as OfficeShield, maximizes employee productivity, improves the management of your network and your IT department, and minimizes the risk of litigation.
By choosing to monitor employee Internet activity you increase efficiency and productivity. OfficeShield works with you to block websites not directly related to the work of your employees.

Take the OfficeShield Challenge

Download our free trial of employee monitoring software. Include any other sites you want blocked in addition to the recommended list on the right. After you have experienced our free trial and demo, have someone from accounting and IT help you figure out the amount of time and money lost and the amount of network resources wasted. You'll be surprised at your employee Internet usage.

After you've taken our challenge and tried our employee monitoring program, sit down with your employees. Tell them you have monitored employee web usage and present your findings. Many employees will be shocked to learn how much employee Internet use has been abused. Allow your employees to view and receive a copy of their web surfing activities. Employees who understand the final cost of their behavior will understand why you block employee Internet use for non-work related activities.

Why OfficeShield?

OfficeShield is the leading employee monitoring software. Our software for employee Internet tracking gives you control over the departments you monitor and lets you choose how you should best go about blocking employee web surfing.

Our employee filtering software can be used company wide or just in select departments. Not only can OfficeShield be used for employee monitoring on web sites, you can also use OfficeShield to block employee Internet access, and to keep a record of when employees log in and out of their computers.

OfficeShield is an easy-to-install employee software application. Use it as an employee Internet filter or as a software for employee Internet blockage. Monitor your employee Internet activities and rest easy knowing that OfficeShield improves the security of your company.
Blocking employee Internet activity is difficult without the right kind of employee Internet filter software. You could monitor employee Internet activity by standing over your employees all day. Realistically, you don't have the time or resources for this type of activity. OfficeShield offers our employee filtering software for a free trial so you can see for yourself if time is being wasted.

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The Most Popular Websites For Personal Use is a website that ranks the popular websites in the world. For example, is #1. All of the websites listed below are in the top 100. Chances are good your employees are spending some of your work day visiting one or more of these websites:
  • YouTube: Watch, upload, and share videos worldwide.
  • Myspace, Facebook, and Linked In: Social Networking Sites.
  • E-Bay: Auction site, with products sorted into categories.
  • Personal E-Mail: AOL, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, and more.
  • Amazon: Online Shopping.
  • ESPN Sportszone: Sports and fantasy league info.
  • Adult Friendfinder: Personal dating with pictures and chat.
  • PornHub: The 29th most popular website in the country.
  • Walmart: Online Shopping. 45 million visits a day.
  • Netflix and Blockbuster: Order DVD Movies.
  • CareerBuilder and Monster: Job search databases.
  • GameFAQs: Reviews and codes for computer games.
  • The Pirate Bay: Worlds largest website for illegal files.
  • Bank of America: Online Banking.
  • WebMd: Health resources for consumers, physicians, nurses,
    and educators. Includes news, and chat forums.
  • The most popular website for bloggers.
  • OnlyFreeware: Source for free software downloads.
  • CraigsList: Online classifieds for jobs, professional services, forums, articles for sale, and much more.
  • InternetMovieDatabase: The 44th most popular website in the country. Gives reviews and info on all movies.
  • is a free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.
  • CNN - Cable News Network Includes US and international
    stories and analysis, weather, video clips, and program.
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Should I really "spy" on my employees?

While monitoring Internet usage feels as if you are spying, you are really protecting not just your assets, but also your employees. Your employees would never maliciously expose your company's financial records to an outside source, but they can often do this unwittingly. Mal-ware, worms, trojans, and other forms of ad-ware not only exposes your financial information, these types of programs also often expose your employee's personal files and information. A trojan loose in your system allows the creator to gain access to valuable private information such as social security numbers and other forms of identification, as well as banking information of employees who participate in direct deposit.

OfficeShield employee software allows you to regain control of your network and your computers. It saves you money, enables employees to stay focused on their work tasks, and protects your company records from outside sources.

Employers who have tried OfficeShield stated they were surprised at the amount of time and money lost each hour by their employees. As one employer stated, " I don't think my employees were aware of the legal ramifications of their actions. One of my employees was on a website that contained a virus that accessed our company's hard drive. Once the hard drive was accessed, the creator of the virus accessed our private corporate agreements and mailed them to our competitors. It cost us billions of dollars in legal fees."

See what your employees are doing on the Internet. Download our free trial today and see how much time your employees waste on the Internet each day.