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About OfficeShield
OfficeShield is an amazing product that helps businesses improve employee productivity by blocking personal-use and high-risk websites. The software also functions as an employee Internet monitor so that you know exactly how your employees are spending their working hours. Because some studies have shown that employees can spend as much as 25% of their day using the Internet for personal reasons unrelated to their job, downloading and installing OfficeShield employee monitor software can dramatically improve employee performance at your business.

The Origins of OfficeShield

OfficeShield employee tracking software was created by the same company as KidsWatch Parental Control Software, the award-winning computer program designed in 2002 to provide parents with peace of mind while their children surf the Internet. KidsWatch has since sold over one million copies and is a favorite among parents determined to keep their children safe on the Internet. The software helps these parents to do this by blocking access to inappropriate websites, filtering adult content from the Internet, monitoring chats and searches, preventing illegal downloads, and providing security reports to parents.

Frequently, customers who bought KidsWatch wrote and expressed their wish that a similar program existed to monitor employee Internet use. Finally, in 2009, this wish was fulfilled and OfficeShield was released to the public. The employee monitoring software functions in much the same way as KidsWatch but instead of keeping children safe from online dangers, the software protects your business's network and computers from viruses often accidentally contracted by careless employee Internet use. The software also lets you monitor employee habits to make sure that all of the people working for you are making the most of their time and yours. OfficeShield merges the features and benefits of KidsWatch, a program that has been tested in over a million households nationwide, with a number of other components specially designed for business applications. The result of this combination is excellent employee management software that makes employee monitoring simple.
Stopping Unnecessary Internet Browsing

One of the ways in which OfficeShield increases employee productivity is by limiting or blocking employees' access to a number of personal-use Internet sites. Because this setting is fully customizable, you can allow your employees as much or as little freedom on the Internet as you desire. By placing carefully considered limits on employee Internet use, you can limit possible distractions and thereby improve employee performance.

Keeping your employees off of irrelevant websites not only increases their productivity, but it also protects your company from computer viruses that can cost your company valuable time and money. Many computer worms are transmitted by attachments in emails or links on disreputable sites. When you use OfficeShield employee management software to block such websites, you protect your company from these viruses and save yourself from costly computer maintenance and repair expenses.

OfficeShield Employee Monitor Software

In addition to blocking employees from accessing some websites, OfficeShield further protects your company by acting as an employee monitor, tracking how your employees spend their time on the Internet. If your employees are wasting their time and your money by browsing the Internet when they should be working, you have a right to know about it. You should not have to waste your time trying to personally monitor employee Internet habits; you need an employee tracking program that can do this for you. If your employees know that you are using OfficeShield as an employee monitor, they will have the opportunity to evaluate their habits and make the necessary adjustments to keep their activities in line with their job description. If some choose not to do this, OfficeShield software for employee monitoring will let you know about it and then you can act accordingly to protect your business.
Keeping Your Files Secure

The third way in which OfficeShield protects your business is by preventing employees from transmitting your company's confidential files, which they may do intentionally or by accident. OfficeShield employee Internet monitor automatically blocks such a transmission and keeps your files safe. The employee monitoring software also warns you about these attempted transmissions so you can be sure that all of your employees are trustworthy.

Download the OfficeShield 15-Day Trial

If you are interested in the protection that OfficeShield can offer your business but want to see it in action before committing to buy, then the free 15 day trial is right for you. You can download the demo on the Demo Download Page of this website. Downloading OfficeShield is a key step in keeping your computers safe, your employees on task, and your files secure, so get started today!